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Journal Articles

Uneven terrain recognition using neuromorphic haptic feedback
Sahana Prasanna, Jessica D'Abbraccio, Mariangela Filosa, Davide Ferraro, Ilaria Cesini, Giacomo Spigler, Andrea Aliperta, Filippo Dell'Agnello, Angelo Davalli, Emanuele Gruppioni, Simona Crea, Nicola Vitiello, Alberto Mazzoni, Calogero Maria Oddo
MDPI Sensors (2023)

Assessment of Intuitiveness and Comfort of Wearable Haptic Feedback Strategies for Assisting Level and Stair Walking
I. Cesini, G. Spigler, S. Prasanna, J. D'Abbraccio, D. De Luca, F. Dell'Agnello, S. Crea, N. Vitiello, A. Mazzoni, C.M. Oddo

Perception oftime-discrete haptic feedback on the waist is invariant with gait eventsd
I. Cesini, E. Martini, M. Filosa, G. Spigler, A. M. Sabatini, N. Vitiello, C. M. Oddo, S. Crea
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems & Rehabilitation Engineering TNSRE (2019)

Denoising autoencoders for overgeneralization in neural networks
G. Spigler
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence TPAMI (2019)
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Convergence of Regular Spiking and Intrinsically Bursting Izhikevich Neuron Models as a Function of Discretization Time with Euler Method
H. Gunasekaran *, G. Spigler *, A. Mazzoni, E. Cataldo, C.M. Oddo
Neurocomputing (2019)
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Familiarization: A theory of repetition suppression predicts interference between overlapping cortical representations
G. Spigler, S.P. Wilson
PLOS ONE (2017)
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Intraneural stimulation elicits discrimination of textural features by artificial fingertip in intact and amputee humans
C.M. Oddo, S. Raspopovic, F. Artoni, A. Mazzoni, G. Spigler, F. Petrini F. Giambattistelli, F. Vecchio, F. Miraglia, L. Zollo, G. Di Pino, D. Camboni, M.C. Carrozza, E. Guglielmelli, P.M. Rossini, U. Faraguna, S. Micera
eLife (2016)
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Peer-Reviewed Proceedings

Understanding Happiness by Using a Crowd-sourced Database with Natural Language Processing
Y. Wang, G. Spigler
BNAC / Benelearn 2020. Extended thesis abstract.

The Temporal Singularity: time-accelerated simulated civilizations and their implications
G. Spigler
Springer proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial General Intelligence, Prague, Czech Republic (2018)
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A wearable haptic feedback system for assisting lower-limb amputees in multiple locomotion tasks
I. Cesini, G. Spigler, S. Prasanna, D. Taxis, F. Dell'Agnello, E. Martini, S. Crea, N. Vitiello, A. Mazzoni, C. M. Oddo
International Symposium on Wearable Robotics, Pia, Italy (2018)

Soft-neuromorphic artificial touch for applications in neuro-robotics
G. Spigler, C.M. Oddo, M.C. Carrozza
BioRob IEEE Conference, Rome, Italy (2012)
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Metodo per trasmettere sensazioni tattili ad un utente e apparecchiatura che attua tale metodo (Method and apparatus for transmitting tactile sensations to a user)
G. Spigler, C.M. Oddo, D. Camboni, M.C. Carrozza
Italian patent number 0001417070 (2012)


My Thinking Cap (a children book on epilepsy)
M. Borzello (translated in italian by G. Spigler, ``Il Mio Cappello Pensante'')

Conference Posters

The "Tilburg Hand": a low-cost platform for Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotics
G. Spigler
BeNeRL Workshop, Leiden, The Netherlands (2022)

Not-so-Catastrophic Forgetting in Deep Reinforcement Learning on Sequential Atari
G. Spigler
Transylvanian Machine Learning Summer School TMLSS, Cluj, Romania (2018)
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Reduction of Cortical Activity During Task Learning Reflects Representation Efficiency in the Motor Cortices
G. Spigler, R. Timmers, S. P. Wilson
Society for Neuroscience Chicago, USA (2015)

Neural modelling of the McCollough Effect in color vision
G. Spigler, J. Ciroux, C. Ball, J. Bednar
Donders Discussions, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (2014)

Newspaper Articles

Tesina, attualità e sonni tranquilli
G. Spigler, S. Spigler
Corriere della Sera, June 22, pp. 1, 22, 23 (2010)